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PRO-TIG 260 AC/DC - welding torch SSR 18 / 8 m DD


The devices are universally applicable for any welding tasks on rust-proof steels, non-ferrous heavy metal, high- and low-alloy steels, as well as aluminum. The well-thought housing design disposes of the protective system IP23 and the insulation class H. This allows as well to weld outdoors.

Throttle for the TIG welding devices or
plasma cutting device (patented).

  • a lost effect (heat) only occurs on a component and not as usual on
    the smoothing choke and on the locking throttle
  • the efficiency of the TIG device is improved considerably
  • Thus you may achieve optimum striking and welding properties
    for steel, special steel and aluminum.

Software updates

  • Fit for the future. New process options and application optimizations may simply be retrofitted by a software update.

The process control

  • In contactless semiconductor technique,maintenance-free and unsusceptible
  • Pulse unit for optimum controllability of the welding bath
  • Double-flow control; both flows may be independent
  • WIPPE function, the welding current may be indefinitely varied over
    the whole setting range with the two welding torch buttons
  • Disconnectable high-frequency striking
  • The gas management prevents from unnecessary waste of gas
  • Consequent temperature monitoring of the power parts with automatic stop in case of overheating or interference
  • Balance control for AC welding

PRO-TIG automation

  • The connection to a simple automation to realize due to the precise processor control.

Power components
All Schwei▀kraft highperformance transformers and smoothing chokes are exclusively constituted of high-quality, double-isolated enamelled copper
wire. Coiled-in layers and isolated layers cause an additional vacuum impregnation. Thus all regulations of the insulaiion class H are fulfilled.
Approved for 180░C continuous temperature, safety stop at 140░C.

Electronic power switch (patented)

  • highest functional safety by reduction of the components
  • high reliability by robust technique and selfregulation
  • same technique for different power ranges
  • stable welding power by current control with 25 kHZ as well by modification of the torch distance as of the line voltage.

Optimized cooling
with a special ventilation concept with compulsory ventilation of all
power components with noiseless running fans. Floworiented arrangement of the components for an optimum cooling effect at low air flow and thus,
correspondingly low impurity of the device. Powerful torch cooling with whispering pump of low noise. Troublefree cooling circuit by consequent
filtering with in-line filtering system. Large, easy-to-fill water tank with externally readable filling height.

The allround protection
Important components and controls are protected in a dusttight
electronic box or by a film.



TIG welding torch 8 m, earthing wire 4 m, welding regulator, supply main 5 m with plug


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modelPRO-TIG 260 AC/DC
Item no.108 5250
EUR excl. VAT4.990,00
Technical data
weldable TIG electrodes-ě mm1,6 - 4,0
max. weldable thickness Al/Steel/SS mmAl 8,0 / steel 15,0
set-point range TIG (A)5-260
electrode (A)5-260
operating factor (ED) Imax (10 min.) at 20░C TIG (%)50
electrode (%)20
welding current at ED 100% at 20░C TIG (A)200
electrode (A)150
power input at Imax TIG (kVA)6,3
electrode (kVA)6,6
power supply (V)3 x 400 V / 50 Hz
power supply compensation (%)- 15 % / + 10 %
fuse protection slow-blow (A)16
power factor (cosj)0,97
open-circuit voltage (V)58
protection classIP 23
insulation classH
nostril coolingwater
size (LxWxH) (mm)850 x 420 x 860
weight (kg)85
Extent of supply PRO-TIG 260 AC/DCItem no.EUR excl. VAT

SSR 18 DD / 4 m

scope of delivery: ergononical handle, leather, equipment kit 2,4 mm

SSR 18 DD / 4 m
110 1804249,00

SSR 18 DD / 8 m

scope of delivery: ergononical handle, leather, equipment kit 2,4 mm

SSR 18 DD / 8 m
110 1808252,00

foot remote control TIG Plus 1, with 5 m trip line

allows the regulation of the welding current by foot remote control.

141 0010430,00

hand remote control TIG Plus 2, mit 5 m trip line

allows the regulation of the welding current by hand remote control.

141 0020290,00