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PRO-MAG 180 - gas-cooled, SMB 15/4m, wire transport roll 0,8/1,0 mm

The most important user functions of PRO-MAG control are:

  • The standard 2-cycle and 4-cycle function for short basting or long welds. Fatigue-proof working is thus ensured for any welding tasks.
  • With the integrated position and interval control, optically perfect point and slot welding or uniform, reproducible basting welds are no longer a challenge.
  • An integrated creeping and striking automatic ensures a rapid and safe strike of the arcing.
  • The feed automatic automatically adapts the wire speed over a large range with the step switch when the power decreases or increase so that it is not necessary to continuously regulate.
  • The permanent control of the supply voltage with compensation of fluctuation ensures a smooth and steady arcing with optimum welding
  • When the welding process is finished, the free arcing automatic ensures a constant wire length end, which safely prevents the wire from sticking to the workpiece or to the current nozzle.
    (may be adjusted individually)
  • The threading automatic increases the feed speed when the wire is treaded automatically.
  • The safety cutoff prevents from unintentional striking and unwinding of the welding wire during the K-cycle operation, as well as from the risk of fire which may result thereof.
  • Individually adjustable after gas flow time which automatically adapts the after gas flow at the individual regulating steps. Thus the melting bath is protected after finishing the welding process until it is solidified.


serial equipment: 2T/4T/PI-motion, ergonomic welding torch 4 m with ball-and-socket joint, high-quality welding regulator with pressure- and capacity indicator, earthing wire 4m, 2-roller or 4-roller drive, supply main plug 5m, central connecting system Binze

modelPRO-MAG 180
Item no.108 1180
EUR excl. VAT915,00
Technical data
wire-Ø steel/special steel mm0,6 - 0,8
wire-Ø aluminum mm1,0
wire feed m/min0,3 - 20
actuation2 cycles
current supply V230/400
set-point range A30-140/50-180
operating factor (ED) by Imax.(10 min.) %25% / 25%
welding current by 100% ED A95 / 100
regulating notches6 / 6
open circuit voltage V21-35 / 23-39
continuous rating by 100% ED kVA2,1/2,4
fuse protection (slow-blow) A16
cos phi0,98
type of coolingAF
nostril coolinggas
protection classIP 21
insulation classH
weight kg45
dimensions L/B/H mm760x320x580
Extent of supply PRO-MAG 180Item no.EUR excl. VAT

wire transport roll 0,6/0,8 mm (PRO-MAG 160 - 250)

101 210821,50
SMB 15 / 3 m with hand-actuated auxiliary switch109 150369,00
SMB 15 / 4 m with hand-actuated auxiliary switch109 150474,00
SMB 15 / 5 m with hand-actuated auxiliary switch109 150584,00
SMB 15 / 3 m for aluminum109 1513105,00



The power parts

  • All high performance transformer
    and smoothing chokes
    are exclusively assembles
    with high-quality, double-
    isolated enamelked copper wire. The dependable
    operational reliability is also reached by
    coiling of layers with isolation between the layer
    and the additional vakuum impregantion. Thus
    all regulations of the insulation class H are fulfilled.


The self-regulating process control

  • The electronic control designed in contactless
    semi-conductor technique is absolutely maintenance-
    free and reliable. By an integrated switching
    circuit, all user functions are executed and
    checked by permanent control.
    These malfunctions
    are excluded.


High-dynamic throttle system


  • The HD throttle system ensures
    an extremely smooth and
    highly dynamic arcing.
    Optimum welding results
    with rare sputters when
    welding steel, special steel
    and aluminum make of the
    PRO MAG devices the “allrounder”
    with best welding